Vanquish Your Inner Bridezilla

By August 16, 2017Life
Relaxed bride

Unpopular Opinion: How hiring a wedding coordinator saved me money (and salvaged my sanity). 

When I first got engaged I was bubbling over with happiness and couldn’t tear my eyes away from the big shiny diamond on my finger.

I was so excited to plan my wedding! Like many women, I had been adding items to my Wedding board on Pinterest for years and I was so excited to try on dresses, go cake tasting, choose a photographer, etc.

The first vendor we met with and booked was the DJ. Music was a priority for me because it has a big impact on the pace of the wedding and sets the mood for the guests.

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But while the DJ felt like a big win, things fell apart quickly after that. I began to struggle with serious anxiety on a daily basis. It got bad enough that I had panic attacks at work. I have experienced anxiety in the past so there are coping strategies that I implement when necessary, but eventually I toyed with the idea of seeing a therapist.

I’m sure you don’t need anyone to tell you this, but weddings are extremely expensive. My husband and I didn’t even have to pay for a venue and we went over our budget. The first thing I discovered during the planning process is that if you attach the word “wedding” to anything you can count on paying double for it.

In the beginning I held a strong conviction that I wasn’t going to get “ripped off” like most brides who spend extravagant sums of money just to make their special day extra special. I bought a plethora of books touting advice about how to save money on your wedding. An example of one of their tips is to go to Costco as close to your wedding as possible and DIY your floral arrangements. That sounded way too stressful for me and I wasn’t going to pawn off that job to an unwilling bridesmaid either.

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While I made a valiant effort to have a frugal wedding, at a certain point I threw my hands in the air and surrendered.

Something had to give and it was going to be my sanity if I continued along the path I was on. I didn’t want subject anyone to the wrath of my inner bridezilla, least of all my family and friends.

So I did what I swore I would never ever do…. I hired a wedding coordinator. And I never looked back.

Hey you– future bride!

If the idea of finding a caterer that is reasonably priced and won’t serve your guests unappetizing food is inducing hyperventilation….

If the logistics of keeping your guest count down without inviting Timmy (your 2nd cousin, twice removed) is keeping you up all night….

If the forecast indicates it might rain on your wedding day and you don’t know how in the hell you are expected to shell out $ on a needlessly expensive tent when you are already hopelessly over budget (true story)….

Then honey, you might want to consider a coordinator.

I don’t think you will regret it.

It’s the best decision I made when planning our wedding (other than marrying my husband of course ;))

It allowed me to enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of my life without all the drama.

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