Ginger: Kindle Your Digestive Fire

By August 9, 2017Food, Health, Life

Do you consume ginger?

I’m not sure I could live without it.

I do not have a stomach of steel by any stretch of the imagination.
I get car sick, sea sick, plane sick, you name it.

Sometimes I think that my stress physically manifests itself in my stomach.

Whenever my stomach feels a bit off, whether it’s due to nauseating windy roads or because of something I ate, I will reach for my ginger supply.

You better believe I took it on our honeymoon during the snorkeling adventure!

But it doesn’t stop there- ginger has many more uses.

According to Ayurvedic medicine it kindles the digestive fire and is especially helpful for those with leaky gut syndrome.

Ginger Tea Photo

Ginger tea is ideal if you have a cold or flu. Not only does it settle the stomach, it has the added benefits of soothing a sore throat and reducing sinus congestion.

Not everyone should take ginger. Make sure to consult your doctor before incorporating it into your diet. For example, it is not always advisable for pregnant women to take ginger and if you are on medication that slows blood clotting there may be an interaction.

I want to spread the word to people who are unfamiliar with ginger’s amazing qualities. I never liked taking Pepto Bismol or Tums when I had an upset stomach so ginger is perfect for people who want a more natural option.

Ginger root is best in its raw, natural form.
Here is a great recipe for homemade ginger tea if you are feeling under the weather.

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This post is not sponsored, but if you are interested in the products I use, here you go!

If you’d rather buy your tea at the store, this ginger tea is my favorite.

For convenience on the go, I drink this ginger beverage.

And let’s not forget about ginger candy

You can even diffuse ginger essential oil!

If you can’t stand the taste like my husband, you can always take ginger pills instead. Ginger pills are concentrated and they are great if you know you are going on a road trip or boat excursion. In anticipation of these stomach turning events, I will take ginger pills up to a week ahead of time. I find that the longer it is in my system the more effective it is.

To learn more about the “magical” properties of ginger, I recommend this informative article.

You will thank me later 😉